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"I signed up for the three introductory classes after a demo class at the Manhattan Library. Most worth it course I've signed up for in the city."




"Chris's class is super beginner friendly... He has really good sequences to work up to full movements and very complete conditioning work. It was all around fun! Loved it."  



"Tried capoeira for the first time here and absolutely loved my experience!! It was very challenging but something I've never done before and I cannot wait to go again!"    



FAQ Section

Q1 -What is Capoeira? How will online Capoeira classes benefit me?
Q2 -Is this for beginners, intermediate, or advanced practitioners? 
Q3 - Is there an in person option?
Q 4 - What equipment will I need?
Q5 - How long are classes? Am I watching you teach or is ti you facing the camera?
Q6 - What if I have an injury? Can I still participate?
Q7 - When should I do these classes?
Q8 - Do these classes replace practicing live at an academy?
Q9 - Will videos be available offline?
Q10 - Will there be repeat workouts?
Q11 - What is the cost and how do I pay? How often are there new videos?
Q12 - Final thoughts

Capoeira Online

Sorry! New slots for Capoeira Online is currently unavailable. Fill the form in link below and I will email you when new slots are available.

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