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What people love about training with Calado

Armin KalitaArmin Kalita
00:03 09 Feb 23
I started my capoeira classes with Calado around 6 months ago, and have had an amazing experience ever since. Each class is designed to cater to the participants, and various capoeira moves are taught with variations for students at different levels. Calado also makes sure to share relevant documents and videos to spread the knowledge about this art, which helps to keep students motivated. In addition, everyone in the class is very friendly and welcoming. I have always recommended this class to my friends, and will continue to do so.
Upendra YadavUpendra Yadav
23:52 08 Feb 23
I recently had the privilege of taking a Capoeira class with a truly exceptional instructor, Calado (Chris), and I couldn't be happier with my experience. Calado is knowledgeable, passionate, and extremely talented in the art of Capoeira.Not only did Calado has a deep understanding of the techniques and movements involved in Capoeira, but he also brought a fun and energetic spirit to the class. He made learning a new skill exciting and engaging, and I was always eager to attend each session.Calado provided clear and concise instructions, and was always available to provide individualized feedback and support. He encouraged us to push ourselves and strive for improvement, and I could see my own progress as the class went on. The overall atmosphere was supportive and inclusive, and I felt welcomed and valued as a member of the class.I would highly recommend this Capoeira class with Calado to anyone who is looking to learn a new skill or improve their abilities in this amazing art form.
Ilana ReznikovIlana Reznikov
17:35 07 Feb 23
Calado is a great instructor and is super helpful for beginners! He really takes the time to make sure everyone feels comfortable and understood
W 1W 1
19:41 06 Feb 23
Overall a great experience from day one. The environment is peaceful, the teacher is very attentive and knowledgeable and the regulars are kind people who don’t mind spending extra time to help you understand. Calado has reached out to me directly to give feedback as well as study guides and links to further my practice. 10/10 would recommend whether you’re seriously interested in Capoeira or just looking for new things to try.
Touseef HaiderTouseef Haider
16:34 30 Aug 22
Chris is an amazing instructor, he start with basic skills and take you upper level over the time step by step. He also pay attention to individual person and tell them what are the shortcomings of particular move or small details in the moves that actually has significant impact.

Form Checks

A comprehensive assessment of your movement to verify solid technique and guide you towards exercises, ideas, and exploration that will better help you reach your goal.

Personalized information

I am an open book about where I read or hear the information that I provide. Ever have a question about what else to explore, or who else to refer to, I’m always willing to share what I know.

Mobility & Coordination

Our bodies are capable of so much more that we think. We want to build our mind and body in a way that affords us the freedom to move and express ourselves in whatever way we choose.

Plan your progress

Having a plan is half the battle (the other half is showing up). I want to make sure you have a plan set in place so you now where you want to be by the end of our time together. We will set goals, set our minds to the task.

Integrate into your training

Regardless if you are interested in gymnastics, sports, parkour, Capoeira, or any other movement art, the principles you learn is meant to compliment any existing training you currently have.

Schedule a free consultation

Schedule a free consultation to see if I can help fulfill your movement goals. There is no commitment required for a 20 minute call.

Why Capoeira as a foundation?

Capoeira is of the most effective donor sports available. A donor sport is an activity that gives you a leg up in other endeavors. Why Capoeira? Capoeira is one of the premier activities for building coordination. Capoeira also has a strong focus on range of motion, rhythm, proprioception and other elements that easily cross over into MMA, Dance, Parkour, Rock Climbing, Yoga, and many other activities.

Some of biggest leaders in the Movement space like Ido Portal have trained Capoeira, which is at the heart of their now much wider movement practices. Today, many athletes at the elite level have movement teachers to supplement their training and it’s for a good reason! Moving well is foundational.

Coaching on your schedule

Never run late to class again! Coaching is scheduled based on your availability. That can be in the morning, afternoon, or at night! Plug in when you can train, and you’re all set.

Interested in moving

like this! (scroll down)

I have train students from the very beginning to do many of the movements below. These are just some of the examples of the kind of advanced vocabulary we want to build, with many progressions and steps along the way.


Volta de Lado

Negativa Avançada

Corta Capim






S Dobrado

Au de Frente

Macaco em pé


Au sem Mão


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