Need some inspiration before the holidays? A body in motion tends to stay in motion, a body at rest tends to stay at rest. Let me say that again, if you move, it will be easier to move, but if you don’t summon the will to move in the first place, your body will fight […]


The reason up until now that I haven’t talked about my own Capoeira classes is because I have not started them yet, and although I have experience teaching, where I currently live, in New Jersey, I haven’t started a school. UNTIL NOW THAT IS! Today was the first step because I secured a location and […]

5 Coolest Martial Arts 2017

Hhhheeeeyyyyaaaaaa!!!!! In the 90’s there you couldn’t throw pair of nunchucks in hollywood without hitting a martial arts master who was staring in an action movie. Segal, Jackie Chan, Van Dam, etc. are some of the big stars in the day. They all kicked butt on the big screen and had people screaming and play […]


Kew word… Brief In case you have no freaking idea what Capoeira is, you should watch this video, otherwise feel free to watch the video anyways and proceed to the next paragraph. HISTORY It’s not completely clear when or where in Brazil Capoeira began. The history is pretty mysterious, but there is generally a communal […]


DO AND SAY SOMETHING Today, there is an ever growing number of men in pop culture who have been accused of sexual assault, something that didn’t really happen a few decades ago. Women today are blowing the lid on a lot of misconduct conducted by men today, yesterday, and decades before. Hollywood in particularly is […]

Burn 600 Calories with Capoeira!?

600? SERIOUSLY??? Recently I’ve been finding many articles talk about how many calories you can burn doing this exercise vs that exercise. According to one blog, a 1 hour class of Capoeira can burn around 500 calories. Some articles mention 600, but there doesn’t seem to be any good data to reference, just some really […]