KICKS, KICKS, KICKS!!! I had two pretty important events happen to me recently that changed he way I trained. The first was going to the gym with my sister, who’s a beast and goes about 5 days a week for around 2 hours. It wasn’t so much the amount of time she trained as much […]


EATS AXÉ FOR BREAKFAST Back around 2007 I remember watching pixelated videos of Mestre Poncianinho moving in ways I didn’t know were possible. To me, and many other capoeiristas, he was near the top of what a Capoeirista was physically was capable of. The floreios and the flow was inspirational. Here’s a video of him […]

Anatomy of the Roda

The Capoeira Roda! To the naked eye, a roda Just looks like a bunch of people crowding around in a circle the same way kids do when there’s a fight. Everyone’s trying to get in to watch and everyone’s making a bunch of noise. It can feel like a crazy mess, and that is the […]