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For those who live in a place with seasons like me, you can’t wait for the winter to end and the summer to come. Summer means you can go out and jump around in the sun, plan hiking trips, and play in the grass.

I’ll admit, as someone who lives in New Jersey, USA, I never liked going outside. The winters were always very cold and the summers too hot; with very little in the middle. But recently I’ve been getting in tune with my inner child and have been going outside more, and I didn’t realize what I was missing.

What was I missing? The grass! The grass!!! Soft, forgiving, supportive. Want to practice falling, jumping, flipping? The grass is your best friend when you want spontaneous fun. If you’re afraid of a movement, remember that you can always go outside in the summer, take off your shoes and jump around in the grass. Nowadays, I can practice flips and other explosive movements in the grass knowing that I’m relatively safe. The alternative is wait until practice, where you might have a wooden floor, or like in my case, concrete! Very unforgiving!


If you didn’t have enough reasons to love the summer, here is another. Grab your friends and go outside like when you were kids. Have fun! Practice your floreios and other explosive movements that would be riskier indoors and once you feel more comfortable, show off what you learned in the roda.

Warm up

Jumping jacks x 40

Hopping on one foot x 30

Other foot x 30

Arm circles x 25 (each arm individually)

Leg circles  (controlled meia-lua de frente without letting your foot touch the floor) 12x each leg in both directions

Practice (level beginner)

No set amounts. Just some ideas. Have fun, fall, jump, experiment.


Au (with one hand)

Au de frente (forward au)

Au patrias (backwards au)

Ponte (bridge)

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