Unlimited Student Monthly Subscription

$100.00 on the 1st of each month

First payment prorated. Next payment: February 1, 2019


A student discount that makes Capoeira available even to those who have yet to enter the labor force. We know you want to learn some cool moves, so on top of the traditional aspects of Capoeira, such as the music, the movements, and the history, you’ll also be learning high kicks, smooth movements, and other party tricks like handstands to have some fun with. Dende Arts welcomes you to class and is committed to helping you have along your journey. We want to make sure you’re having fun and working hard!


  • Great overall conditioning
  • Gain strength and flexibility
  • Unlock creative movements
  • Fun! (why would you do something you don’t enjoy doing?)


Once purchased, your plan will begin at the beginning of the following month. If you purchase a plan in the middle of july, your plan will start at the beginning of August. We require 30 days notice for plan cancelation and all sales are final.