Here is some of the best equipment I have used over the years of training to stay in shape, both mentally and physically. Although Capoeira does not require any equipment to do, these few things really do help make the difference. Invest in your mind and body. In each link below, I have a review of the best Capoeira equipment that I personally use. This includes tools for fitness, books to increase my knowledge about the art, and instruments to sharpen my understanding of music. The books I chose are all available in english. If you do speak Portuguese then you are lucky in the sense that there are many more good book available to to you, however I do not have them listed here. Finding Capoeira books can be like finding treasure so please cherish these books if you do decide to purchase them. Lastly is the music, which without there would be no Capoeira. If you’re new to playing instruments then I suggest you buy a Pandeiro from the store I have linked below. Contra Mestre Pena, from Texas ships his instruments straight from Brazil and they are of solid quality. Start out with this instrument and when you start to feel a little confidence, take the plunge and get yourself a berimbau. You’ll thank yourself for it.

All of these tools serve a purpose and I hope they help you as much as they have helped me. I have tried many different tools, some I do not recommend because I didn’t feel they provided much value. This is why I thought it was so important to distill down what I thought was absolutely necessary. Happy training!