Online coaching of Capoeira Movements

Customized coaching for your goals

Whether you practice Capoeira or not, the movements are one of the most attractive things the art offers. The freedom, the flow, and the creativity. My goal is to help you achieve your movement goals regardless of your background or abilities.

Available on all platforms

For all levels

For any goal

Choose the program that suits your needs


Per months for 3 Months


-Comprehensive assessment of training history, injuries, & goals

-100% Personalized program based on goals

-Program updated monthly

based on your progress

- support via Whatsapp

-Unlimited video reviews

-Amendments to training program as needed


1 Month Program


-Comprehensive assessment: Including training history, injuries, and goals

-100% Personalized program

- support via Whatsapp

-2 in depth video reviews


Form Checks

A comprehensive assessment of your movement to verify solid technique and guide you towards exercises, ideas, and exploration that will better help you reach your goal.

Personalized information

I am an open book about where I read or hear the information that I provide. Ever have a question about what else to explore, or who else to refer to, I'm always willing to share what I know.

Mobility & Coordination

Our bodies are capable of so much more that we think. We want to build our mind and body in a way that affords us the freedom to move and express ourselves in whatever way we choose.

Plan your progress

Having a plan is half the battle (the other half is showing up). I want to make sure you have a plan set in place so you now where you want to be by the end of our time together. We will set goals, set our minds to the task.

Integrate into your training

Regardless if you are interested in gymnastics, sports, parkour, Capoeira, or any other movement art, the principles you learn is meant to compliment any existing training you currently have.

Schedule a free consultation

Schedule a free consultation to see if I can help fulfill your movement goals. There is no commitment required for a 20 minute call.

Coaching on your schedule

Never run late to class again! Coaching is scheduled based on your availability. That can be in the morning, afternoon, or at night! Plug in when you can train, and you're all set.

Think of me as a supplement to your existing training and practice

Online coaching is not a replacement for the wonderful teachers who break their backs to help you learn. Just like some athletes need help with specific subjects, I'm here to help you make gains in the things you're inspired by!

Interested in any movement below?!

Looking for help on something not found below? Scroll down and let me know. If I can't help you, I can refer you to someone who can!


Volta de Lado

Negativa Avançada

Corta Capim


Queda de Rins


Passo a Frente






S Dobrado

Au de Frente

Macaco em pé


Au sem Mão


Something else about Capoeira you want to learn about? Let us know!