Kid’s classes and a Free Intro Class

Capoeira Classes for Kids

Dendê Arts has been open for 7 months in Astoria and in that time we’ve made amazing progress in the events held, the students reached, and the abilities of students that classes. This is why it’s so exciting to talk about another addition to our classes – kids classes! We’ve been wanting to do this for a long time and now it’s becoming a reality. Kids are such an important part of our community and we want to make sure they have the same opportunity as our adults to train Capoeira.

Why should kids train capoeira?

Capoeira is such an amazing and comprehensive art form and children have the most to benefit from the art. Kids who train Capoeira learn self-discipline, coordination, cooperation, and how to have fun with others. Capoeira creates strong/nimble bodies like gymnastics, creativity like learning an instrument, and community like a church group or after school activity. This week, we  created a sign up form where parents can go to express their interest in their kids doing capoeira classes. Parents to sign up will be given updates regarding kids classes, when they will begin, what the format will be, and any other important information. Hope to hear back from people about this. We’re open to comments, questions and anything you’re curious about regarding kid’s classes.

Free class?

Who doesn’t love a free class?! I definitely!  As of this week, anyone who has never taken a class with Dendê Arts can take a class for free. Doesn’t matter if you regularly train someone else, took a trial class somewhere else, or are completely new to the art of Capoeira. All you have to do is sign our waiver come to class and review the class that you took in order to receive a free class. Instructions are all laid out here on our website and takes less than 2 minutes! We love the idea of people being able to come to our space, trying something new, walking away from it feeling accomplished.

Those are the announcements for May! Feel free to reach out to us at I look forward to seeing you in the Roda!!!

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