Founder of Dendê Arts

Calado is an Instructor of Capoeira and FRC mobility specialist.

Capoeira Cordão de Ouro

by Dendê Arts

“Many of my students work during class hours, but really love the class. I structured my classes in a way that would help them improve no matter what their situation. I want to make sure my students have a clear path and know what they need to do to improve.”

How does Training with Dendê Arts work?

Classes every week introduce new concepts

The is the bread and butter to anyone’s Capoeira training. Classes at our academy are meant to help you drill concepts with a partner and get practice with the movements you will eventually do in the roda.

Online resources so you can train wherever you are

Training regiments meant to supplement the training you do in class. These can be really helpful if you don’t think you can make a class and want to stay consistent.

*available for monthly subscribers only

WhatsApp group connects you to a community

Once you sign up you’ll be connected with our Whatsapp group where we help motivate each other with our progress, our goals, and questions. This is one way that our group stays connected.

Regular events and workshops to apply new lessons

Training Capoeira in class is theory, but going to an event and playing in the roda is practice. Events are held regularly and this is where you’ll get some of your best practice. Not only that, but events are a great opportunity to meet the greater Capoeira community.

¿Frequently Asked Questions?

Is Capoeira suitable for fitness beginners?

Don’t worry if you’re not flexible, strong, coordinated, etc. If you feel like you fit into any of these descriptions, then I encourage you more than ever to try our classes. Capoeira doesn’t come “naturally” to anyone. Once you become proficient in something, there is always a next level that will challenge you. You will always be pushed based on your current fitness level.

Is nutrition covered?

No. Although nutrition plays a major part in our fitness, Calado is not a nutritional expert and does not provide this kind of advice.

Is Capoeira good for cardio?

Capoeira is great for developing cardio. In Capoeira, we are constantly on the move to keep our muscles working and our heart rate up. At the same time, benefits are not exclusive to cardio-vascular health. Capoeira helps develop strength, coordination, balance, and confidence in your movement.

Is flexibility covered?

Passive flexibility is not something emphasized in classes. Instead we focus on creating usable flexibility that provides us strength and coordination is as many different movement patterns as possible.

Is Capoeira a Martial Art?

Capoeira has traditionally been used as a form of self defense. However, if there’s someone you need to beat up I would advise against Capoeira. I’ve always said that Capoeira does a much better job at building a tribe than dispatching enemies. That being said, if you’re a stiff martial artists, then Capoeira could be a helpful addition to your martial arts arsenal.