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Introduction to Capoeira Class

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16 Lombardy st.

Newark, NJ -

Method Climbing Gym

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What to expect from the Introduction Class

Our intro classes start with an introduction and explanation of the origins of Capoeira. Followed by a fun warm-up and some jungle movements to get us ready. We will go over our foundational movements, including kicks, movements, and escapes that will lead into partner work. Towards the end, we will learn some soft acrobatics that are suitable for for all levels and experience. 

By the end of the class you will know how to play a Capoeira game, the history of Capoeira, and how engaging it is to train this awesome martial art. 

Capoeira will make you flexible, strong, coordinated, give you rhythm, and put you in the center of a global community of like-minded friends. Expect to be sore the next day, feeling like you can't wait for the next class. 

Zero experience of any kind needed
Free for Method Climbing members
Learn the basics and meet our wonderful team