Injury Prevention with Yuri Marmerstein and Kit Lauglin

If you’ve been doing any exercise for a few years, you know that injury is inevitable. Everyone gets injured at one point or another and figuring out how to deal with it is key, lest you want a kink in your back/knee/wrist/etc. for the rest of your life. The discussion about injury is amazing because there is so much here-say about how to treat injuries but at the end of the day that’s all we have – here-say.

Yuri and Kit

The two individuals in the interview are amazingly qualified by their years of experience. Yuri a hand-balancer and parkour practitioner of many years, and Kit, an authority in the field of stretching and strengthening.

  1. Traumatic injuries vs. overuse injuries
  2. Icing injuries
  3. The latest research on rehab
  4. Injury compensation
  5. Listening to your body
  6. Peak performance vs longevity
  7. Advice
  8. Using blood flow the lymphatic system to heal and the recovery process
  9. Using wraps

I hope this video helps you understand that nobody will care for your health as much as you. As remote as medical knowledge seems sometimes, the internet has made accessing knowledge about injuries, especially common injuries like sprained ankles, very easy. So read, read, read. It can only benefit you.