In Capoeira, music is a huge deal! Knowing Capoeira songs is a big part of learning the art and for some people this can be intimidating. If you’re not sure what songs to start learning, below is a list of 11 songs that are great for beginners. These song work for beginners because they are relatively easy to learn and you often hear them sung in the roda. The songs and their translations are provided to give a little extra context for the song. 

How to Improve your singing

If you want to improve your Capoeira singing, do the following. 

1. Listen/read the song. 

2. Memorize the song chunks at a time. 

3. Work on the rhythm. Sing the choros again and again to get the rhythm down.

4. Sing the verses. Be aware that a lot of words and sounds get swallowed up from singing fast or trying to fit a lot of words in a few beats. 

5. Sing the song with a instrument you know to play or are learning to play. 

6. Try it in the roda!

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