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Welcome to the best part of your day. A 60 minute class at Dendê Arts starts with warming up each joint and then moves into an intense workout that combines strength, flexibility, and acrobatics. New and classic Brazilian beats take you’re mind off of work and into a flow state that helps you move with rhythm and agility. Our classes emphasis traditional Capoeira movements and clear progressions. The goal for each class is to makes sure that you feel challenged, and that every class presents a new obstacle that you can work on at home.  



Before you get your Eddie Gordo on, the class will start with about 15 minutes of warm up. The muscle activation and mobility work for your joints will be key to loosening your body and avoiding injury. Warm ups vary, but can include animal walks, running, and other simple movements to increase your heart rate and get you ready for the meat of the class. 



Once we’re all warmed up, we’ll focus on isolating movements such as rolê, au, meia lua de compasso, armada, esquiva, rasteira, etc. Depending on your skill level, you will increase the difficulty by adding movements together into a sequence or moving to a more difficult progression. The teacher may do the movements along with the class and is always willing to take questions or provide corrections. 

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Commitment to coming to class and reap the benefits of your hard work! 

LOCATION: 35-12 Astoria Blvd. Astoria, Queens, NY

Go through the doors, stay on the first floor and make a right past the stairs

If you arrive early, please respect any classes that go on before ours. 


Bring a Positive Attitude

You might also want to bring a water bottle. We usually take a break half way through class. 

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