CARTWHEELS and news from the world of Capoeira

There’s so much to talk about these last few weeks!!! A huge effort by the women of Capoeira has resulted in an informative infographic on sexual assault and misconduct in Capoeira. In other news, another Capoeira tournament was held a couple weeks ago and I really would like to compare how this competition differs from the one held with Red Bull. The other bit of news that I will talk about briefly is a really cool reddit thread that popped up about various types of cartwheels that exist and how we can start thinking about progressions.


The thing that I thought was so interesting about this post was that not many arts focus on cartwheels like in Capoeira. The variety is endless and it’s hardly gone noticed. Cartwheels in Capoeira aren’t necessarily done for a specific reason other than looking pretty, but many Capoeiristas use it as a way to gain position, confuse the person they’re playing with, or command the space with impressive movement.

The only rule I can think of about the cartwheels done is Capoeira is making sure to look at the person you are playing. If you lose track of them, you could lose track of their kicks and take one to the chin. Anyways, this is something I’ve been thinking of and after the Memorial day weekend I intend on writing up some information or create some sort of guide on Capoeira inspired cartwheels. I’m sure dancers, and other movers would be interested in these concepts and movement patterns.

For more up to date info on this little project, try following my instagram. I’ll also try to cram in some time to write about the efforts on women’s issues and the recent Capoeira tournament.