The Cartwheel Guide

Why our Abadas are the best!

A modern jogger fit

We got your behind covered. Unlike your last pair of abadas

A modern synthetic fabric

Wicks away moisture keeps you dry

A 4 way stretch

Movements Covered

This is not just a cartwheel guide! the cartwheel encompasses a massive range of movements that we cover all the way up to doing Au CDO. Au CDO is a demonstration of your mastery of cartwheel fundamentals

Building confidence on our hands
The beginner Cartwheel
The Rolê and the cartwheel (Au)
Au Fechado and Au Pessado
Advanced Cartwheel entrances
Wrist and shoulder mobility protocol

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Why craft high-quality Abadas?

I've bee doing Capoeira for almost 20 years, and in that time, I've always felt our pants were lacking in quality. The fit was terrible, the fabric was sub-par, and the cost never justified the quality you got. On top of that... I've seen so many people's underwear hang out! I want to make the Capoeira community a little bit stronger, by making us look a little better in our uniforms.


What will the daily time commitment be?

Trainings are from 20 – 35 minutes. They are meant to be short and fit into your existing workout routines. Days per week can be 3 – 5 days a week depending on your availability.

Do I need to warm-up beforehand?

I got you covered! A thorough warm up is included as part of the workout routines at the end of the guide.

What level is this for?

If your goal is to learn to do a cartwheel, then this guide is perfect for you. If you can do a cartwheel and are interested in challenging yourself, then this guide push you to think of cartwheels in a whole new way.