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Honoring Mestre Joao Grande

“Maior e Deus, Grande e Joao. A recent video popped up on my Facebook feed about one of the (if not the oldest) living Mestre of Capoeira, Mestre Joao Grande on an episode of Sesame street (playing the berimbau). Capoeira has always been an obscure martial art so seeing  it on a popular kids TV […]

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Starting Capoeira as a Teenager

I found out about Capoeira through the movie Ong Bak and I thought, holly crap, this dude is moving like a video game character. I had no idea how it was even possible to do cartwheels while kicking someone in the face. I was blown away and thought, “I have to learn this thing!”. When […]


Capoeira: Playing Honestly

“capoeira is treachery!” Mestre Bimba Something that was really difficult for me when I started playing, was figuring out how to use deception in my game. I’m not a very good liar and I thought that had something to do with why I couldn’t do any convincing feints. Now, I think the reason I wasn’t […]

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Why do Capoeira in New York City?

If you’re new to New York city like me, you know how hard it is to do the following… Make friends Stay active People in New York are always on a mission. Their mission is the be the next big dancer, a successful lawyer, or a business person. I personally always feel like I’m busy! […]

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