(optional intro) Só quero berimbau se for de Biriba
Quero o padeiro se for de couro
Quero um amor se for meu tesouro
Quero Besouro do cordão de ouro
Quero Capoeira se for de Angola
Quero vadiar se for com você

Camugerê**, Como vai, como tá?
Como vai vosmecê*?
Eu vou bem de saúde
Pra mim é um prazer
I only want berimbau if I’m made from Biriba
I want the pandeiro if it’s made of leather
I want a love if it’s my treasure
I want Besouro of Cordão de Ouro
I want Capoeira if I’m from Angola
I want to vadiar/play if it is with you

Camugerê, How’s it going, how is it?
How’re you doing?
I’m in good health
For me it’s a pleasure
Author: Unknown

*vosmecê is an old Portuguese word that is no longer used. Honorific term that was less than Senhor or Senhora (sir/madam)

** Camugerê is a quilombo (or escaped slave village) in Brazil

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