Sexual Misconduct: Doing Something Pt. 2

2017 was undoubtedly the year when the house of cards came crashing down on all sorts of sexual misconduct. Cosby and Weinstein are just a few of the names brought up in the discussion. I made an earlier post at the end of 2017 talking about some of the efforts being made in the world […]

CARTWHEELS and news from the world of Capoeira

There’s so much to talk about these last few weeks!!! A huge effort by the women of Capoeira has resulted in an informative infographic on sexual assault and misconduct in Capoeira. In other news, another Capoeira tournament was held a couple weeks ago and I really would like to compare how this competition differs from […]

Injury Prevention with Yuri Marmerstein and Kit Lauglin

If you’ve been doing any exercise for a few years, you know that injury is inevitable. Everyone gets injured at one point or another and figuring out how to deal with it is key, lest you want a kink in your back/knee/wrist/etc. for the rest of your life. The discussion about injury is amazing because […]


TRY, LEARN, REPEAT Why write about belts? or chords as we call them in Capoeira? Something started happening that I really dislike. Nowadays people make a lot of  “in between” chords. Why? To make you feel good! This isn’t something totally new, but the idea behind it is what bothers me. Consistently getting a new […]


TRY, LEARN, REPEAT STARTING APRIL 2018 The Capoeira News-o-sphere might not have picked up just yet, but let me be the first to let you know that CDO has come to the Big Apple. As of April 20th, 2018, CDO will have its first official school in New York City. Specifically, it’ll be held at […]