Amore e Capoeira Review

This week I ran across an Italian pop song called Amore e Capoeira by Takagi and Ketra. For those who don’t follow the Italian pop charts (this includes me), this Italian duo wrote this single in 2018, which rose quickly in the European pop scene. If you haven’t hear this mix of European pop and Brazilian Baile Funk, you can check it out here. The music video starts off with a beautiful landscape shot of Rio de Janeiro and moves on to about 5 straight minutes of booty shaking! I was kinda shocked, not by the booty shaking, but more so the fact that there was no actual Capoeira. It’s in the name so I don’t think I was asking for too much…

Now I’m definitely biased here, but I have to speak my opinion on this one. If you have in your title “something and CAPOEIRA”, I’m gonna think that you have some Capoeira in the music video. With all the amazing Capoeira in Rio you would think that during shooting they would have just tripped over someone’s Berimbau and invited them to film with them. I’m one billion percent sure that any Capoeirista would love to be part of the filming of a fun music video. There are so many commercials and ads that include some sort of Capoeira movements/elements in them, (like here, here, and here) it wouldn’t be weird, especially if it’s in the name of your freakin song!

Capoeira on the Italian Top 40

I did some digging about how popular or obscure this song actually was. Amore e Capoeira  was a summer top 40 hit on the pop charts for many weeks in Italy and Europe. That’s kinda cool to know that a pop song involving Capoeira (at least in name) made a pop chart. Makes you think about how people love to learn about different cultures and see things from other parts of the world. I honestly think this is one of the reasons that people love Capoeira. They get to learn and take part in a culture that they would otherwise have no exposure to! So at least in my mind, it makes sense that this song would be a hit… and the booty shaking does hurt.

Anyways this was a fun little dive into Italian pop culture. Hopefully we’ll get more Capoeira in other cultural subject matters like movies, shows, etc. There are already so many examples, so maybe I’ll talk about them in future posts. Have any favorite songs, movies, or shows that feature Capoeira? Send me an email at along with a link and I’ll make it happen.

Love for the community

I really like the little shout out to the community of Tavares Bastos – the location where the music video was shot. This comes up at the end of the music video.

A special thanks to the community of tavares bastos in rio de janeiro and to its people for making us feel at home during the filming of this video. We are grateful for the affection shown and we are left with the purity of the children in our hearts and we wish health and luck to all

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