Abada Joggers

High Quality Abadas for Capoeira Lovers

Abada Joggers (Unisex)


Why our Abadas are the best!

A modern jogger fit, taperred at the ankles

We got your behind covered. Unlike your last pair of abadas!

A 4 way stretch to keep you mobile

Wicks away moisture keeps you dry

A modern fabric that is soft and strong

Finally! High-quality Abadas for everyone!

I've bee doing Capoeira for almost 20 years, and in that time, I've always felt our pants were lacking in quality. The fit was terrible, the fabric was sub-par, and the cost never justified the quality you got. On top of that... I've seen so many people's underwear hang out! I want to make the Capoeira community a little bit stronger, by making us look a little better in our uniforms.

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What you really need

Pant's in Capoeira have always been a pain in the butt! We listened to your gripes, your complaints, and tried to find a solution for each issue. Here are some of the issues we wanted to solve when creating our high-end Abadas.

A fabric that was thick and therefore not seethrough
We use a mid-rise waist to keep you covered
A back zipper pocket for small items (or a dobrao)
A well tailored fit on the seat and around the hips
Stretch! So you can look good as you move
A taperred ankle in line with the "jogger" look
Side pockets for every day use! (why did this take so long!?)
An elastic waist so you don't NEED a chord to hold your pants