Find Capoeira wherever you go!

Grupo Cordão de Ouro  - Mestre Suassuna in São Paulo, Brazil

Ginga Brazil - CDO - Mestre Pingo Fogo in Austin, TX

The Michigan Center for Capoeira - Contra-Mestre Baz in Detriot, Michgan

Capoeira Passo A Frente - Contra-Mestre Bocao in Atlanta, GA

Cai Na Capoeira - Contra-Mestre Cabeção in Westchester, New York

The International Capoeira School - Contra-Mestre Zumbi in Charlotte, NC

Cordão de Ouro Spartanburg/Greenville - Contra-Mestre Neguinho in Upstate South Carolina

CDO Jersey Shore - Professor Costela in Long Branch, NJ

The Canadian Center for Capoeira - Monitor Fofuxo - Toronta, Canada


here are some links to help you push past your plateau

The Capoeira Songbook

This Capoeira Songbook holds thousands of Capoeira songs from all music genres and groups. The songs are ordered alphabetically, so go to the link and search the lyrics to the song you'd like to learn.

Capoeira Tutorials

Youtube channel with great tips and tricks to try at home!

Ido Portal Blog - Fitness

On the vanguard of the movement community. Ido's blog has lessons on how to workout, eat, and stay motivated. You can learn a lot about making your way through the words of someone who has been where you are now.

Find a Berimbaus and other Capoeira Goodies

Looking for Capoeira Instruments to fill your studio or your apartment? Our friends at Capoeira connections have Berimbaus and other instruments made in Mestres in Brazil and sold straight from their space in Austin, TX. No more waiting 2 to 3 months for you new Berimbau!