Starting April 20th, 2018

Fridays: 7:00 - 8:30pm

32-32 Steinway st. Astoria, Queens

Right next to the M, E, & R Steinway St. Station

10 minute walk from N Train


Our adult classes are 1.5 hours long. They begin with stretching, warm-up and strengthening exercises—which is why it is very important to arrive on time for class and avoid injuries. The training portion of the class focuses on repetition of Capoeira movements to build strength, form and the endurance for the art. Classes end with a roda (capoeira circle). Portuguese language practice is an important aspect of class; we learn numbers, movements, songs and basic vocabulary while we train.

Beginners Capoeira

After completing our Intro to Capoeira Series, these classes cater to those with 0-4 years of capoeira or anyone looking to strengthen their capoeira foundation.  Physical conditioning, individual skills, drill combinations and musicality are the focus of these classes and are required before joining the All-Levels classes.


Pay as you go

$22 | single class
Single class. Super simple.

New Student Discount

$20 | first 3 classes
For the eager, curious first timer.

Standard: 5 Class pass

$60 | 5 class pass
5 classes to be used at your leisure. Valid for 2 months

Great Value: Class Pass

$140 | 10 class pass
Awesome value! Valid for 4 months.


Everything you need to know to get started

A: Neither could 90% of the people who started Capoeira, and look at them now! Nobody learned to walk without crawling first. Our method is dedicated to improving your coordination, strength, and mobility. Start today, and in a year when you look back, you'll be glad you did.

A: Make sure to bring two things! Water and comfortable clothing. Yoga pants, sweat pants, basketball shorts are all appropriate. The key is that you can move freely.

A: Every year in Capoeira we hold our Batizado, meant to introduce new students to Capoeira and graduate students to their next chord. Chords mark a student's progression in the same way that belts do in Karate - but be caution about how much value you give a chord, because the only thing the chord can do when you're playing Capoeira, is keep your pants up!

The chords go...

Student Chords: Green > Green/Yellow > Yellow > Yellow/Blue >

Teacher chords: Blue > Blue/Yellow/Green > Blue/Yellow/Green/White

Mestre Chords: Green/White > Yellow/White > Blue/White > White

A: We understand unforeseen things can happen, that is why we allow you to postpone your subscription for a month! If you really want to cancel please let us know a month in advance.

A: We're currently setting up an online payment method to make things as easy as possible, but in the meantime you can pay in cash or through venmo, or paypal.